Umi de Santa Fe

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Umi Raby



Artist Statement


The creative process that I engage in while painting is similar to that of a quilt-maker. The initial compositions and color combinations that I choose for each canvas create a foundation, or pattern, that is reminiscent of quilt designs.


A quilter tells a story with her stitches and I use the strokes of a brush to do the same. With an awareness of each gesture I am able to focus my attention in the same detailed manner required of a dependable stitch. As I move through a series of gestures I gain momentum that allows me to release the thoughts that I wish to express. My painting contains a visual language that is inspired by the playful spirit of an innocent child and natures astounding ability to stop us in our tracks. In such expressions I find hope and clarity, as well as purpose to create.


I metaphorically compare my paintings to quilts because they are the result of my efforts to stitch together the various memories that comprise my life experiences. The methodical act of giving pattern and structure to once disconnected bits and pieces help me to associate visual form with memory. The images that evolve from this process become members of an “emotional quilt” that blankets my body of work.